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judicial demolition

The author of this blog was judicially censored in 2013. The proscriptions of the vague, overbroad, and flagrantly illegal prior restraint that was imposed upon him by a judge who has since been shamed off the bench were ones the author was alleged in 2016 to have “continuously and contemptuously violated.” Pending an appeal, which was denied in Dec. 2017, he had no choice but to dismantle a blog that was trafficked over 300,000 times a year. The 2016 court indicated how it would “construe” the unlawful speech injunction, leaving the writer some elbowroom (i.e., a remnant of his “inalienable” right to freedom of speech) to painstaking reconstruct an endeavor of thousands of hours invested over many years. Past posts will gradually be restored with mandated redactions.

Presiding Tucson City Court Judge Antonio Riojas Acknowledges Restraining Orders Are “Abused” by “People Who…Say Things That Are Just Blatantly False”

Texas Officials Michael Honeycutt and Tiffany Bredfeldt Allege Sexual Solicitation in Contradictory Testimony to the Arizona Superior Court, Implicating a Tucson Man Who’s Been Falsely Accused for 11 Years: FACIALLY VOID GAG ORDER STANDS; “WOMEN’S LAW,” TCEQ DISCREDITED

Rhetorical Pitfalls of Careless “Abuse” Reportage (40 Years’ Worth)

Can Anyone Publish and Criticize a Judicial Ruling (Including a Restraining Order)?

What Defamation Is and Isn’t: On Writing about Abuses of Process

How to Reform Corrupt “Abuse” Laws: VOTE THEIR SUPPORTERS OUT

“I Reckon”: The Standard of Proof Applied by Judges to Restraining Order Cases

Murdered Dogs: Among the Consequences of False Reports to the Police

If Restraining Order Cases Are Only about Narrative, How Do You Beat a Liar in Court?

Restraining Order Cases Are about One Thing: NARRATIVE

Why Judicial Process Is Corrupt: The “Customer” Is Always Right

“There’s No Justice System; There’s Just a System”: A California Paralegal’s Advice on Defending Yourself against a Restraining Order Based on Fraud

Dust It Off: This Isn’t 1979, and It’s Time Restraining Order Laws Were Reconsidered

Courthouse Violations and PTSD: What Is “Legal Abuse Syndrome”?

Restraining Order Administration and Money, Money, Money, Money, Money

Coercing Coercion: State Abuses of the Restraining Order Process


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