Emails by Rev. Kevin Hale, Rev. Daren Dietmeier, and Rev. Jeremy Cheezum Used to Support Lies, Lawbreaking, and Abuse

Posted on September 22, 2019


Emails authored by pastors Kevin Hale and Daren Dietmeier of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and displayed in this post were submitted in evidence to the Arizona Superior Court in 2013 to procure what has since been recognized as an illegal speech injunction—the intention of which was to conceal false testimony to the court and false reporting to law enforcement officials—and the pastors’ emails are accordingly public documents.

The unlawful injunction they were used to obtain, which was imposed without a trial and which deprived the writer of his constitutionally protected freedom of speech for five years, was dismissed in 2018, and a family that had endeavored to have the writer imprisoned based on filthy and/or frivolous allegations spanning 12 years is today prohibited by mandate of the court from harassing him further.

Note to the reader: When the writer appealed to the ministers named in this post for help in gaining relief from persistent false accusations by church insiders, he had already existed in the shadow cast by those lies for six years.

Rev. Kevin Hale, Christ Church, Christ Church Conway,, Ozark Dogmatics, Conway Arkansas, Pastor Kevin Hale, Jeremy Cheezum, Rev. Jeremy Cheezum, Pastor Jeremy Cheezum, Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church, Montrose Colorado, Rev. Daren Dietmeier, Pastor Daren Dietmeier, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Aledo Illinois

From left to right, Rev. Kevin Hale of Christ Church in Conway, Arkansas; Rev. Jeremy Cheezum of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church in Montrose, Colorado; and Rev. Daren Dietmeier of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Aledo, Illinois

Probably the Presbyterian ministers pictured above wouldnt be grinning so broadly if members of their congregations had accused them, for example, of inappropriately touching their children. Whispered nicknames like Creepy Kevin, Germy Jeremy, and Dirty Dietmeier are punishing, especially on the job security of men in professions like theirs. The tolls are far worse when the innuendo and gossip are the products of lies.

Many who’ve been lied about to the courts feel the acid burn of such labels even if they’re never put into words. I’ve been lied about a lot and for a long time, and I have felt the actual words.

This message was communicated to me by email on the first day of what would become 12 years of legal abuse by a woman named Tiffany Bredfeldt and her husband, Phil Bredfeldt, sister- and brother-in-law of Rev. Jeremy Cheezum.

To relate the background as briefly as possible, Tiffany Bredfeldt had nightly lingered outside of my house for months in 2005 and taunted me with references to her body and underwear, apparently relishing the attention. Then she lied to the police and the court to conceal her misconduct when I learned she was married and demanded an explanation—and she has lied over and over since, as the testimony I’ve included below shows plainly.

Tiffany Bredfeldt in 2005

The message above was sent after Tiffany and Phil Bredfeldt had obtained a court injunction forbidding me from responding to it. Sort of like a four-letter nyah-nyah. The couple thought it would be cute to send a copy of the message to the police, apparently to reinforce the idea that they were afraid for their lives (because why wouldn’t you provoke someone you were afraid of?). The restraining order, which was petitioned by Tiffany Bredfeldt, particularly emphasized that I was a danger to her husband, a guy I had never met, and shouldn’t be allowed to talk to him.

I was an aspirant kids’ writer with a puppy and a parent in chemotherapy. Maybe the spoiled brats, both of whom were raised in the church, thought that was funny also.

Certainly evident is that everyone I appealed to for relief from lies that would continue for 11 years (and may be repeated and embellished upon today) couldn’t have cared less.

Here’s a synopsis of statements Tiffany Bredfeldt gave in evidence to the court or, in one instance, to the police only between the years 2006 and 2017. The story they tell isn’t the half of it, but it’s succinct, and its contradictions are palpable. The woman has lied impulsively, randomly, and wickedly and then lied to conceal the lying—and gotten by with a little help from her friends. Her husband, Phil, after whom one of Rev. Cheezum’s kids may be named, was incidentally privy to all of these statements and has supported them fully, including under oath.

Jeremy Cheezum, Ray Bredfeldt

Jeremy Cheezum, Ray Bredfeldt

Jeremy Cheezum, Ray Bredfeldt

People of moral character might call the woman psycho, or they might call her evil.

Here are a couple of alternative interpretations by men I appealed to for help seven years ago whose profession it is to conscientiously listen.

Rev. Kevin Hale, Pastor Kevin Hale, Christ Church, Christ Church Conway, Conway AR, Presbyterian Church in America, PCA

In the email above, Rev. Kevin Hale offhandedly dismisses an appeal for help I sent him (unread) as “porn spam,” and the person he says he pities is the woman whose lies are glossed above. Rev. Hale’s addressee in the email is Rev. Jeremy Cheezum, to whom I had also appealed. Rev. Cheezum played middleman in this interlude, snatching up my appeals for help, which he also disregarded, and funneling them to my accuser’s husband, Phil Bredfeldt, his brother-in-law. Phil Bredfeldt would then use the appeals to coerce an illegal speech injunction in 2013 (putting me at risk of incarceration for exposing his wife’s lies even by “word of mouth”) and later (2016) to accuse me of felony extortion. The extortion ploy was abandoned when it failed to scare me into abandoning my defense and agreeing to shut up, and the unconstitutional court order was eventually dismissed. Had it not been, this publication would have been permanently prohibited.

Rev. Daren Dietmeier, Pastor Daren Dietmeier, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Aledo IL, Presbyterian Church in America, PCA

In response to the appeal I sent him, Rev. Daren Dietmeier concluded I should invest in a book of sudoku puzzles, perhaps, or take up crochet.

A woman who was scheduled to testify when I was most recently prosecuted (2016) had characterized Tiffany Bredfeldt’s behavior toward me this way:

Rev. Kevin Hale, Pastor Kevin Hale, Rev. Daren Dietmeier, Pastor Daren Dietmeier, Jeremy Cheezum, Rev. Jeremy Cheezum, Pastor Jeremy Cheezum, Tiffany Bredfeldt PhD, Dr. Tiffany Bredfeldt

The email containing the woman’s remarks has been online since the beginning of last year and is presumably known to Rev. Cheezum, though I suppose it’s unlikely he has brought it to the attention of his fraternity brothers Kevin and Daren, whose denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, asserts, “Godliness is founded on truth.”

Rev. Hale, who is married, expressed his sympathies for a liar who had violated the bounds of the marriage covenant, a subject he probably has occasion to speak of often.

Rev. Dietmeier, a married former serviceman who was unwittingly made an accomplice to a violation of the liberties this country’s flag stands for, simply scoffs. Worthy of note is that that flag is the banner image on his Facebook page and that that page is littered with those meme-y digital wallpapers, one of which quotes Mark Twain on the importance of reading and another of which claims something like, “Everyone sins. Christians repent.” If Rev. Dietmeier is in earnest about that, there’s a comment section below.

God sees everything; we grieve Him when we claim His name in Christ, and act as if we’ve never had a saving experience with Him at all. Our actions, public and private, must meet the words we utter (Rev. Daren Dietmeier, Aug. 4, 2019).

My father starved to death in 2016, alone in a cramped room in a cut-rate nursing home, while the latest series of prosecutions brought or motivated by the family this post concerns was raging. I spent the last night of my dad’s life preoccupied with another family’s sins, sins that have now been allowed to fester for almost 14 years. One of that family’s members who was slated to testify against me, moreover, was a Presbyterian deacon.

In the early hours of the Sunday morning when my father stopped breathing, while I was poring over legal jabberwocky, the pastors mentioned in this post were probably dreaming of the inspirational sermons they would deliver on the importance of truth, love, and charity.

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*For those who might wonder what I could have said in my appeals that would have urged seasoned clergymen to dismiss them as the ramblings of a stalker, here are a couple of examples.

Jeremy Cheezum, Pastor Jeremy Cheezum, Rev. Jeremy Cheezum

I wish I could say I haven’t had cause to revise my impressions.