Presiding Tucson City Court Judge Antonio Riojas Acknowledges Restraining Orders Are “Abused” by “People Who…Say Things That Are Just Blatantly False”

January 10, 2018


The contents of this brief post are excerpted from the previous one. They’re highlighted separately here because of their almost unique significance. It’s very rare for a judge to frankly criticize the protective order process and the indifference of the justice system to false accusation. “I’ve been doing this for 20 years,” Judge [Tony] Riojas […]

Texas Officials Michael Honeycutt and Tiffany Bredfeldt Allege Sexual Solicitation in Contradictory Testimony to the Arizona Superior Court, Implicating a Tucson Man Who’s Been Falsely Accused for 11 Years: FACIALLY VOID GAG ORDER STANDS; “WOMEN’S LAW,” TCEQ DISCREDITED

January 1, 2018


Numerous accounts related on this blog since its launch six years ago have contrasted what he said with what she said in testimony given under penalty of perjury. The account this post relates doesn’t have to. It contrasts what she said here with what she said there—and with what her statured witness said she said. […]

Rhetorical Pitfalls of Careless “Abuse” Reportage (40 Years’ Worth)

December 30, 2017


To beg the question, a phrase whose semantic decay journalists are as culpable for as anyone, means to avoid the question. It means to assume, and assumption is reportorial sacrilege. NOTE: Allegations ≠ “facts”; An accuser ≠ a “victim”; Repeated allegations of abuse or violence ≠ a “history of abuse” or a “history of violence”; […]

Can Anyone Publish and Criticize a Judicial Ruling (Including a Restraining Order)?

December 29, 2017


A judicial ruling, like a law, is among what the U.S. Copyright Office terms edicts of government, and edicts of government cannot be hushed. “If either statutes or decisions could be made private property, it would be in the power of an individual to shut out the light by which we guide our actions.” Wheaton […]

What Defamation Is and Isn’t: On Writing about Abuses of Process

December 27, 2017


“Libel and slander are legal claims for false statements of fact about a person that are printed, broadcast, spoken or otherwise communicated to others. Libel generally refers to statements or visual depictions in written or other permanent form, while slander refers to verbal statements and gestures. The term defamation is often used to encompass both […]

How to Reform Corrupt “Abuse” Laws: VOTE THEIR SUPPORTERS OUT

December 20, 2017


Various ways to effect change present themselves to earnest, reasonable, civic-minded people who’ve been savaged by abuses of family court, domestic violence, and/or restraining order procedures but still expect sense to prevail over madness. Here are some of those ways: Start a petition (one started by the writer was censored by its host the moment […]

Lying Is Never Punished; Only Losing Is

December 18, 2017


A falsely accused defendant facing trial, especially a scrupulously honest one, should meditate on the title’s maxim long and hard. If it inspires one or more of the following conclusions, then reflection on it has paid off. The truth doesn’t matter if it’s ineffective. The defendant who considers him- or herself a “defendant” and not […]