What Do People Accused in Civil Court Have to Complain About?: Civil Prosecutions and PTSD

July 27, 2015


“Contemplating, undergoing, or having undergone a lawsuit is disruptive. The experience saps energy and distracts the litigant from the normal daily preoccupations that we call ‘life.’ Litigants, who commonly feel alone, isolated, and helpless, are challenged to confront and manage the emotional burden of the legal process. The distress of litigation can be expressed in […]

The Civil/No-Contact Agreement: An Alternative to the Protection Order That Won’t Spell the End of a Military, Police, Civil Service, or Other Career

July 24, 2015


A permanent protection order can have serious and potentially career-ending consequences. In most cases, a permanent protection order may show up on a background check and may affect your ability to obtain a passport and travel or even get a job in certain lines of work. It can even cause you to lose your job […]

“A Critical Error Has Occurred”: Some Surprisingly Candid Self-Criticism from the Arizona Supreme Court

July 24, 2015


Investigation into how judges in my state are trained yielded this return last week: This is the first judgment originating from the Arizona Court System that I’ve agreed with in years. Copyright © 2015 RestrainingOrderAbuse.com *An Arizona protective order appellant I’ve been corresponding with reports that not only did the judge in her appeals hearing […]

A New York Judge Rules That Emailing Someone at Work Doesn’t Meet the Criterion of “Stalking”

July 22, 2015


Sending emails to someone at his or her place of employment—even a whole bunch of them—doesn’t constitute “stalking” according to a July 14 ruling by a New York judge. The ruling was reported Monday on the blog of attorney Oscar Michelen, who successfully represented writer, legal reform advocate, and entrepreneur Matthew Chan before the Georgia […]

Common Practices in Restraining Order Trials That the D.C. Court of Appeals Rejected Almost 20 Years Ago

July 19, 2015


“Rejecting the trial court’s concentration solely on the most recent event, we held it to be ‘essential that the court avoid an unduly narrow focus. One cannot determine whether [a CPO is appropriate] by simply examining the most recent episode. Rather, the judge must be apprised of the entire mosaic.’” —District of Columbia Court of […]

Eclipse: A Short Memoir of Legal Abuse Featuring Mad Scientists with Boobies (Dedicated to Profs. Tenney Nathanson and Lynda Zwinger)

July 17, 2015


It’s common for complainants of legal abuse, particularly parents, to report they’ve been eclipsed or banished to the shadows. Some use less flowery language. “I’m dead,” they may say. More than displaced, they’ve been replaced. Their children have become strangers to them, and they have become phantoms of their former selves. My child was my […]

Precautions to Take (Immediately) if You’ve Been Issued a Restraining Order

July 13, 2015


“TRO violation for inadvertent butt calls” “I have a protective order against my husband to protect my children and myself. Can my children send a card to him?” “Protection order—does it apply to her as well?” “Can you say hello to someone with a restraining order?” “Back with my wife, and she has an order […]


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