Blame indulgence of the feminist establishment by lawmakers, judges’ privileging personal interest over principle, or the blindness of a rooted convention to its own defects: The iniquities of restraining orders and their administration have gone unchecked for too long.

Panties, Perfidy, and Pubescent Ph.D.’s: Some Reflections on Science, “Stalking,” and the Motives for Legal Abuse

May 1, 2015


I was “stalked” by some women in the fall of 2005. All were professional scientists employed in the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy. They were a Ph.D., Ph.D. candidates, and an M.S. The central figure (the leader of the gang, as it were) was a married woman who hung around outside of my house up to […]

The Evolution of a Lie: How Covering Up an Impulsive Deception Can Turn into a Decade of Legal Abuse

May 1, 2015


The following brief series of statements is drawn from the blog author’s own case, which has spanned seven of the last nine years, and demonstrates how lies grow and blossom. In between the statements below—or concurrent with them—were allegations to the police and courts that included stalking and violent “danger” (to people my accuser didn’t want me […]

In Its Condemnation of the Men’s and Fathers’ Rights Movements, the Southern Poverty Law Center Has Institutionalized Bigotry and Hate (Including Racial Bigotry and Hate)—Here’s How

April 29, 2015


There are prominent voices on the Internet, in the ivory tower, and in the press that disparage the plaints of fathers who are alienated from their children by lies and legal abuse, and denied roles in their kids’ lives. They call these fathers’ ventilations of despair and anger “misogynist,” and they look no further. This […]

Some Remarkable YouTube Vids from Julie Borowski and Julia Tourianski, Impressive Women Who Aren’t Feminists and Know Why You Shouldn’t Be, Either

April 27, 2015


The two video bloggers featured in this post are smarter, in the most important ways it is to be smart, than any of the several brilliant feminists I’ve known. They’re also more charming. Julia Tourianski is earnest and mesmerizing; Julie Borowski is a sassy iconoclast who’s funny as sh—. I’m not diverted by much these days, […]

Victims of Legal Abuse in Georgia: The Kayden Jayce Foundation Wants to Hear from You

April 26, 2015


“Our amazing team of attorneys will assist with perjury, false protection orders, false accusations to Child Protective Services, assistance to child support, assistance with child abandonment, and assistance with investigative services.” —The Kayden Jayce Foundation I got a call this weekend from Melissa Harvey, the director of the Kayden Jayce Foundation, a Georgia-based nonprofit dedicated […]

The “Nightmare” Neil Shelton Has Lived for Three Years and Is Still Living: A Father’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

April 24, 2015


The following account is reported by North Carolinian Neil Shelton, a father denied access to his son and daughter for “three years now and counting.” In his account, Mr. Shelton alleges that his sister, in collusion with his ex-wife, lied to have him involuntarily committed, and that one or more partners in the law firm of his ex-wife’s […]

If It’s Okay to Tell the Falsely Accused How They Should Feel, Then It’s Cool to Tell Victims of Rape How They Should Feel, Right?

April 22, 2015


That’s a rhetorical question. Plainly it’s not cool to tell victims of rape how they should feel, particularly if you’re not one yourself. I don’t say that because it’s un-PC to criticize rape victims; I say that because it’s wrong. Yet goddamn if there’s no shortage of people who have no context to relate either […]


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