Help This Blog’s Creator Prosecute a First Amendment Appeal and Expose Some Corrupt Public Officials

October 2, 2015


The author of this blog was dealt a grave blow in August. The void that was left has caused him to realize how deteriorated the lives around him have become during his preoccupation with gaining relief from lies that have oppressed him for nearly 10 years. His immediate impulse was simply to opt out. This, […]

Mixed Loyalties: Why the Only One Looking Out for the Victim of Restraining Order Abuse is the Victim of Restraining Order Abuse, or, Why You’re on Your Own

October 1, 2015


A recent commenter observed that the “abuse industry” is a goldmine that no one who benefits from it has any motive to oppose, including judges and lawyers. There are exceptions—attorneys Gregory Hession and David Heleniak are examples—but in general the commenter is right. Civil rights groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center […]

“There’s No Justice System; There’s Just a System”: A California Paralegal’s Advice on Defending Yourself against a Restraining Order Based on Fraud

September 29, 2015


The commentary and advice that follow are from a “paralegal at a top-tier criminal defense firm in Southern California.” I will go on record saying we have some clients that were slapped with permanent restraining orders and some were also on probation for prior convictions while the restraining order injunction was issued. A number of […]

Law Professor Brooke Coleman Explains Why the Civil Defendant Is Denied Legal Counsel, and Why This Is Unjust

September 27, 2015


From “Prison Is Prison” by Seattle Law School Prof. Brooke Coleman (Notre Dame Law Review, 2013): Two indigent men stand before two separate judges. Both will be sent to prison if they lose their cases. One receives appointed counsel, but the other does not. This discrepancy seems terribly unjust, yet the Supreme Court has no […]

Understanding the Significance of False Accusations in Restraining Order and Related “Trials”

September 23, 2015


The author of this blog has determined, upon a month’s remove from writing every day, to continue to post, albeit infrequently. His responses to comments must also be limited. Comments are, however, encouraged, as is dialogue among commenters. Email queries will be impossible for the author to track, but he is willing to correspond with […]

The Harmlessness of False Accusations

September 20, 2015


No Ifs, Ands, or Buts: If Restraining Orders CAN Be Abused, then the PROCESS Is Abusive

September 2, 2015


For the perceivable future, at least, what follows will be the blog author’s final word. It addresses a block he has noted even in the commentaries of those profoundly injured by unjust or false accusations. That block typically runs something like this: “I’m totally for restraining orders when they protect the violently abused, but….” This […]


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