Blame indulgence of the feminist establishment by legislators, judges’ putting personal interest before principle, or the blindness of a rooted convention to its own defects. The iniquities of restraining orders and their administration have gone unchecked for too long.

J’s Story: Restraining Order Abuse and the “Dreaded Crazy”

November 25, 2014


J, a single dad who lives in Texas with his two kids, submitted his story as a comment to the blog in September, prefacing it: “I am writing this to share [it] with the rest of my fellow male victims [who] fall in with the dreaded Crazy.” The “dreaded Crazy” in J’s case manifested as […]

Interminable Indeterminacy: How False Allegations on Restraining Orders May Be Worse than False Allegations of Rape

November 23, 2014


Journalists who recognize the harm of facile or false allegations invariably focus on rape. This ignores the harm done to women by false allegations, of course, and shows ignorance, besides, of a significantly more fertile yet equally damaging source of wrongful prosecutions: the civil restraining order. Unarguably there are few miscarriages of justice worse than when […]

Restraining Order Realities: The Blog Author’s Story

November 20, 2014


Prior to 2006, I’d never spoken with a police officer except in brief exchanges on the side of the road or in a parking lot. I’d been pulled over once while teaching a Japanese student I was studying with how to drive (we were taken for stoners—I think he must have been weaving a little). […]

The Madwoman in the Chimney: Feminine Fixation, Jealousy, and Restraining Order Abuse

November 17, 2014


According to popular conception, only men can be stalkers. That’s because according to popular conception, men are dangerous; women aren’t. Sure, women get lovestruck—or sometimes love-stuck—but they’re harmless, after all. The engineers of this myth, of course, which today informs all things social, from art to behavioral science to the law and its enforcement, are feminists and their advocates. Sympathy for battered […]

Living in the Crosshairs: Crackpot Neighbors, False Reports, and Restraining Order Abuse

November 15, 2014


I bonded with a client recently while wrestling a tough job to conclusion. I’ll call him “Joe.” Joe and I were talking in his backyard, and he confided to me that his next-door neighbor was “crazy.” She’d reported him to the police “about a 100 times,” he said, including for listening to music after dark […]

Tell Us a Story: Using Pennsylvania’s Laws to Expose Restraining Order Lawlessness

November 14, 2014


“The court determines a witness’s credibility and may infer fear based on the witness’s testimony describing the defendant’s actions.” —Karch v. Karch, 885 A.2d 535 (Pa. Super. 2005) Complainants of false allegations and judicial bias in restraining order prosecutions express disbelief that lying in court or forming rulings based on lies can be legal. Some […]

Play Misty for Me: Feminine Psychodrama and Restraining Orders

November 11, 2014


“The first time ‘Misty’ broke into the backyard to pound and scream at the bedroom window, the police handcuffed her and said—her face pressed to the hood of the idling black-and-white—that she was not to return. I figured we would never see her again after that early morning in 2012. But the next night, around […]


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