Blame indulgence of the feminist establishment by legislators, judges’ putting personal interest before principle, or the blindness of a rooted convention to its own defects. The iniquities of restraining orders and their administration have gone unchecked for too long.

Larry’s Story: Restraining Order Abuse and the Neighbor from Hell

July 28, 2014


“She habitually engages in psychological projection. She has caused me to be compelled under threat of arrest and prosecution for failure to appear to attend court on her frivolous lawsuits 25 times. Yes! Twenty-five times. The frivolous prosecutions started in 2011, and they are still raging. I have been cited back to court on her […]

A Case of Restraining Order Excess That’s Headed to the Georgia Supreme Court

July 23, 2014


“Turn on the dark, / I’m afraid of the light.” —Shel Silverstein I got an email a couple days ago from Matt Chan, the creator of (ELI), who had a “lifetime” protection order issued against him last year. He told me his appeal, to be presented pro bono by New York attorney Oscar Michelen, will be […]

How to Sign an E-Petition to Register Restraining Order Abuse

July 19, 2014


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” —Dr. Seuss I got an email from the other day. Someone wanted to know how to sign a petition I put up there. The procedure’s pretty straightforward. Signers can choose whether to have their names displayed and […]

“The Victim Is Never Wrong”: On Feminist Denial of Accountability and Restraining Order Abuse

July 15, 2014


I posted a short rhetorical analysis of MSNBC’s coverage of the first annual International Conference on Men’s Issues a while ago because its prejudices were offensively unapologetic. Yesterday I came across a blog post titled, “If You’re Not a Feminist, You’re Ignorant.” Albeit inadvertently, it exposes the origins of these prejudices, which are ones everybody […]

An Example of Talking back to Judges

July 14, 2014


“A judge is not the court.” —People v. Zajic, 88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980). “A judge should expect to be the subject of public scrutiny.” —The Arizona Code of Judicial Ethics (Rule 1.2, Comment 2) A judge in my home county is the subject of a website that features a photograph of what’s reportedly […]

A Recourse to Redress Restraining Order Abuse That Might Be Worth Considering if All Others Have Been Exhausted: The Formal Complaint

July 8, 2014


I’ve posted before about how to file a complaint against a judge and noted that unless you can persuasively demonstrate that s/he was derelict in his or her ethical duties, or otherwise acted out of line, it’s unlikely the complaint will work an effect. Something I recently discovered about my own state’s procedure, however, is […]

Further Reflections on MSNBC’s Coverage of the First Annual International Conference on Men’s Issues

July 7, 2014


Rereading MSNBC’s article on the first annual International Conference on Men’s Issues, I have to marvel that so firmly has feminism taken hold that even reporters (whose watchword is objectivity) may respond with Pavlovian menace to an act of civil disobedience—which challenging feminism is. Consider that feminism originates with the 19th-century suffrage movement, that is, with some […]


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