You Don’t Want to “Be a Part of It”: Commentary on New York’s Protection Order Biz

May 21, 2015


I corresponded with a man last year, a man in a homosexual relationship, who was assaulted by his partner severely enough to require the ministrations of a surgeon. His boyfriend was issued a restraining order coincident to his being charged with assault. That’s how it typically works in New York: A protection order is issued following […]

The Question of “Angry White Men” and Complaints of Procedural Abuse

May 19, 2015


I started to include the contents of this post in the last one, “Why More Falsely Accused Don’t Speak Out.” Then I thought the topic of angry white men might be due some room of its own. The previous post outlined reasons why men and women who’ve been victimized by false accusations and procedural abuse are subdued from voicing their […]

Why More Falsely Accused Don’t Speak Out

May 17, 2015


Continuing on the topic of character assassination, I think it’s important to address this question: If procedural abuses are epidemic (and they are), why do so few vociferously complain? Why isn’t the Internet inundated with personal horror stories (and why aren’t state representatives’ in-boxes choked with them)? We purportedly enjoy the privilege of free speech, so why […]

When “Accused” Isn’t a Situation but a State of Being: The Lesson of Alan Dershowitz

May 16, 2015


The previous post on the topic of character assassination glossed the case of Alan Dershowitz. If you recognize the name, you’ll know it’s one I should have put a title in front of, like Harvard Law School professor emeritus or eminent criminal lawyer. But neither of those titles or the qualifications they represent have availed Mr. Dershowitz in his […]

Email to Prof. Alan Dershowitz in re False Accusations

May 14, 2015


This post continues the blog author’s projected examination of character assassination and its travails. The post’s content is an email addressed to Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz and sent last month. Whether the email reached its intended audience is unknown. Around the beginning of this year, Prof. Dershowitz was idly accused of having had […]

If You Doubt the Grief Caused by False Accusation, Consider the Whimpers of False Accusers When THEY’RE Exposed

May 12, 2015


Forthcoming posts on this blog will consider character assassination, and they will critique one of the many execrable ironies of the civil restraining order process. It is possible to falsely accuse a person of anything—literally anything (mooning the neighbors, groping children, chewing the ears off of puppies, rape, you name it)—and the act of false […]

Join Betty’s Battle to Baste Some Butts: Register Your Complaint of Procedural Abuse and Demand That False Accusers Be Held to Account

May 9, 2015


Betty Krachey is miffed. She’s fought for months to raise awareness of legal fraud in her state of Tennessee. She’s started a petition, she’s written letters and made calls, and she’s even discoursed with one of her state representatives, who’s told her he intends to raise the issue of holding false accusers accountable in legislative […]


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