Blame indulgence of the feminist establishment by legislators, judges’ putting personal interest before principle, or the blindness of a rooted convention to its own defects. The iniquities of restraining orders and their administration have gone unchecked for too long.

The Science of Corruption: Restraining Orders and VAWA

December 17, 2014


Besides writing in this blog more often than is healthy, I’ve been helping a friend get through college after rearing her kids (the youngest is 15). She’s been away from the rigors of the classroom for 25 years. I’m her go-to guy for directions on comma placement, etc. My friend’s going to graduate soon with […]

Smile, You’re on Candid Camera: Bringing a Measure of Accountability to Restraining Order Trials

December 16, 2014


Many if not most of the posts on this blog concern the absence of accountability in the restraining order process. Accusers lie, and so may judges. State law often designates lying in court a felony offense punishable by a term in prison, and there are ethical canons that prescribe how judges should behave. With regard […]

Restraining Orders and the First Amendment: A Female Blogger’s Successful Appeal of a Restraining Order That Labeled Her a “Cyber-Stalker”

December 14, 2014


“The First Amendment is FIRST for a reason.” —Larry Smith, former attorney and indomitable muckraker A recent post on this blog revisited the case of Matthew Chan, author of (ELI), whose appeal of a lifetime restraining order is presently under consideration by the Georgia Supreme Court. A verdict is anticipated within the coming month […]

Yes, Virgil, There Is a Santa Claus: In a Month, Not Only Has Feminism Received Stern Scrutiny from Distinguished Members of the Press…So Has the Press

December 13, 2014


Feminism may not know it yet, but 2014 will mark the year when patrons whose sympathies it has enjoyed for decades stopped taking a knee. There were intimations of a climate change last summer. An intrepid band of men’s rights activists staged an International Conference on Men’s Issues in June. Turnout was slim, MSNBC mocked its […]

Judicial Impression Management: What Makes False Allegations “True” and True Allegations “False” (and Drives Victims of Procedural Abuses to Despair)

December 11, 2014


“Politics, corporate bullshit—it’s all the same game of impression management.” —House of Lies What do political spin-doctoring, corporate PR, government-sponsored science, and judicial rulings have in common? Each is about impression management, the selective representation of facts to create a composite “truth” that suits a particular set of social, political, and/or economic imperatives. Pols and […]

The Politics of Feminism and Women’s Law: A Response to Zerlina Maxwell’s Editorial “No Matter What Jackie Said, We Should Generally Believe Rape Claims”

December 9, 2014


The only complimentary thing this writer can find to say about attorney Zerlina Maxwell’s December 6 column in The Washington Post is—yeah, scratch that; it has no redeeming qualities. The editorial is not only intellectually callow but morally vacuous. Even its research and computations are careless. Ms. Maxwell’s piece concerns a story published last month in […]

Why It’s Valuable to Report Your Story of Restraining Order Abuse or Other Procedural Abuse on an E-Petition or Similar Medium

December 7, 2014


Government statistics used to train police officers and judges are derived significantly from surveys, as discussed in the previous post. These surveys are represented as “science” but are in fact simply acts of collecting responses, responses that may be completely anecdotal (that is, unverified and most likely unverifiable). Interviewers ask questions, and volunteers answer. Some […]


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