Hell Hound on Duty…No More (Blog Indefinitely Suspended)

August 28, 2015


Dogs are spared consciousness of what-might-have-been. Like children, they take each day as it comes and make the most of available options; not so adult people, who feel unjust privation acutely and must seek to recover stolen prospects, and defend those who look to them for protection…and joy. For over nine years, I’ve tried to […]

“Defend Our Constitutional Rights”: Anne’s Proposal to Redress Restraining Order Injustice

August 27, 2015


Below is a proposition by a 74-year-old California woman, Anne Copeland, who’s earning a degree in criminal justice administration. Anne alleges that accusations against her made in a restraining order petition were trumped up, and has reported being taunted and terrorized by her accusers, who were her neighbors. She also reports she’s been prohibited from performing volunteer […]

No Paper Trail: How Restraining Order Injustice Has Stayed under the Radar

August 24, 2015


Whether according with careless procedural design or cunning, the details of restraining order decisions aren’t recorded anywhere. What go into the case file at the courthouse are some accusations and a petition with a judge’s signature on it. The rulings accompanying it may simply be “approved” or “denied” and then “affirmed” or “dismissed.” Rulings in […]

Constitutional Rights Are Only Real if They Can’t Be Denied: On the Price of Tolerating Bad Law

August 22, 2015


“Americans need to wake up to the sobering fact they are living in an ongoing Constitutional crisis in the U.S.A. Their Constitutional rights are being deep-sixed by the courts in bulk. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever, [with] ‘precedent’ and ‘stare decisis’ standing in their place.” —Former attorney Larry Smith, author of BuncyBlawg.com Imagine […]

What Is “the Court,” and Who’s REALLY Looking Out for Its Honor?

August 18, 2015


Yes, sites like this one criticize judges. Judges aren’t the Court. Yes, sites like this one criticize laws and procedures. Laws and procedures aren’t the Court. Sites like this one criticize lawyers and law professors and writers and accusers and feminists (whose rhetoric emboldens false testimony). Lawyers, professors, writers, accusers, and feminists—they, also, are not […]

A Consideration of Attorney Gregory Hession’s “How to Fight a False Allegation Restraining Order”

August 15, 2015


“In thousands of 10-minute hearings held all over the Commonwealth, judges are now able to do what the Marxists have only dreamed of doing before now, and could never hope to do before they were able to use the pretext of ‘domestic violence.’ However, the real violence is almost always to the rights of the […]

Pointers for Contesting a Restraining Order

August 12, 2015


One of the earliest posts on this blog (from 2011) offers some procedural orientation to the falsely accused. The author hasn’t revisited the post except to update a link to attorney Gregory Hession’s blog, MassOutrage, which is recommended reading. Much of the author’s early advice is important: show up early, dress well, be polite, organize your […]


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