Police Report Filed against Nurse Micah Doris for Suspected Violation of a Restraining Order

Posted on April 26, 2019


Micah Jarrett Doris, 46, evidently contacted me in February in probable violation of a restraining order issued by the Arizona Superior Court last year.

I reported the contact to the police this week after ascertaining who and where this guy was, which wasn’t easy.

Mr. Doris, a “family nurse” practicing in Rochester, New Hampshire, texted me anonymously.

The Facebook page for Micah Doris, a stranger to me, is also anonymous—it features a hot (Indonesian?) babe leaning on a sports car—and most addresses for Micah Doris on the Internet, including the one on Facebook, point to a former residence in Massachusetts, as does the area code of his phone number, 617-335-9779, which may no longer be his phone number.

This freakishness is par for the course.

Many of those who’ve harassed me, and they’ve been at it for 13 years now, are virtual ciphers. They’re afraid to show their faces, preferring instead to take potshots from the shadows.

I debated whether to report Micah Doris’s message, and my decision to do so this week wasn’t motivated by offense alone.

Law is theater, and dramatic weight is given to reported legal violations not to violations that were blown off.

So congratulations are due to Mr. Doris, whose mama should be very proud of him. He’s now the subject of a police record.

Of course, people like him regard this as trivial—and next to being dragged into a precinct or prosecuted, it most certainly is.

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*A quotation from the Biblical Book of Micah, after whom the guy this post concerns was named: “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly…?” I’m certain there are people who honor the tenets of their faiths, but my own faith is that Micah Doris will do nothing but try to justify himself and some moneybag monsters he apparently calls friends. Is it any wonder Satan is always represented with a big ol’ smile on his face?