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“There’s No Justice System; There’s Just a System”: A California Paralegal’s Advice on Defending Yourself against a Restraining Order Based on Fraud

September 29, 2015 by


The commentary and advice that follow are from a “paralegal at a top-tier criminal defense firm in Southern California.” I will go on record saying we have some clients that were slapped with permanent restraining orders and some were also on probation for prior convictions while the restraining order injunction was issued. A number of […]

Low and Outside: An Umpire’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse (by an Underhand Screwball)

June 6, 2015 by


The common assumption—one that’s been vigorously enforced by advocates of the “abuse industry”—is that restraining orders are used to protect “victims” from “abusers.” So-called abusers are represented as violent husbands or boyfriends, or as stalkers, representations that account for the ubiquity of restraining orders and the ease of their procurement. The man whose story of […]

What’s Legal, What’s Iffy, and What’s Not: How to Talk about a “Restraining Ordeal” without Risking More of the Same Mistreatment

January 12, 2014 by


Technically, freedom of speech is your Constitutional right. Technically, you can say anything, and if it’s true (and not a state secret), it’s not actionable. “Not actionable” means you can’t be sued for saying it (or shot). Technically, you can even say blatantly defamatory things if you’re defaming someone back to protect your own interests. […]

A Call for Restraining Order Stories and Statistics (Especially Concerning Fraud)

September 16, 2013 by


My previous post notwithstanding, I want to invite visitors to contribute links to information (including statistics, local or otherwise) or links to online editorials or news stories related to abuses of restraining orders that they found particularly trenchant, enlightening, or compelling—or alternatively or additionally to contribute stories of their own, whether first- or second-hand. Also […]

Statistics of Fraud and Misuse Are beside the Point: Restraining Orders Hurt People

September 12, 2013 by


Inconvenient statistics have been cited in support of restraining order reform for many years, statistics like 8 in 10 restraining orders are obtained either on dubious grounds or downright fraudulent ones. This stat, drawn from a West Virginia study, was formerly cited on Wikipedia but has since been quashed. Unnecessarily, probably. Restraining order injustice is […]


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