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Beating up Disabled Girls: False Allegations and Judicial Dishonor

October 20, 2014


“There is no normal. The rational has been torn away from your ability to grasp it.” —Cartoonist Scott Stantis (on growing up in an abusive household) This is the sentiment shared by everyone who’s been wrongly blamed—and abused and condemned for it. Consider that current restraining order and domestic violence legislation and policy are defended as protecting […]

Larry’s Story, Part 2: Suing a False Accuser and the Judge She Rode in On

October 18, 2014


Buncombe County, North Carolina, where Larry Smith has for three years been harried by relentless false allegations from a disturbed neighbor, is the source of the word bunkum. Bunkum (or bunk) is more familiarly called BS, which is what Larry’s been daily forced to tolerate for three years. He’s 70, and the time he’s had […]

Sue First, Appeal Later: A Thought on Defending Yourself against a False Restraining Order in Arizona

October 17, 2014


Arizona may be unique in that its laws allow the recipient of an ex parte restraining order (injunction against harassment or protection order) to apply for the opportunity to appeal the preliminary judgment at any time during the term of the order’s effectiveness. That means the typical one-year restraining order could be appealed, for example, […]

Representatives of the Israeli Bar Association Report False Accusations of Domestic Violence Have “Reached Epidemic Proportions”

October 16, 2014


Unlike the American Bar Association, the Israeli Bar Association has a Committee on False Accusations and Parental Alienation. Also unlike its American counterpart, its representatives have chutzpah. The lawyers who chair the Committee on False Accusations and Parental Alienation in the Tel Aviv district last month told the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) that false allegations […]

BLACKMAIL: Using Restraining Orders to Extort and Punish

October 14, 2014


“A blackmailer could attempt to blackmail someone with a threat to accuse him falsely, but we should expect such cases to be rare because the victim has a good remedy: sue the blackmailer for defamation. Good but not perfect, because the blackmailer may not have the resources to pay a legal judgment. Criminalizing this form […]

Class Action Lawsuits: Suing Uncle Sam for Rights Violations Arising from Restraining Order and Domestic Violence Prosecutions

October 11, 2014


“I think action would be better than just mere words. How do you think same-sex marriages were passed? We all need to come together and file a class action lawsuit. These laws plainly violate our constitutional rights as U.S. citizens. There is no due process of law for these allegations, and the cause-and-effect deprives an […]

What Journalists Need to Understand about What Restraining Orders Are: A Tutorial for Investigators, Part 2

October 9, 2014


“Orders for protection represent a legislative attempt to incorporate distinct features from both civil law and criminal law. On the one hand, a private litigant can initiate judicial proceedings to seek redress against another private individual. On the other hand, criminal penalties, such as fines and incarceration, will attach if a protection order is violated. […]


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