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Hocus-Pocus: More on False Restraining Orders and the Five Magic Words

October 30, 2014


The last couple of posts touched on what might be called the five magic words, because their utterance may be all that’s required of a petitioner to obtain a restraining order. The five magic words are these: “I’m afraid for my life.” Cops, it’s even reported, tell women whom they goad to get restraining orders […]

The Five Magic Words: What Do Restraining Order Defendants Mean when They Say They’ve Been Falsely Accused?

October 29, 2014


A presumption of people—including even law professors—is that when restraining order defendants say the accusations against them are false, they mean that specific allegations of fact made by their accusers are untrue. This is a misunderstanding, and it’s a totally understandable one that accounts for the incredulity expressed by proponents of the battered women’s movement […]

“How Can a Judge Just Approve a Restraining Order when the Woman Is Lying?”

October 28, 2014


The title of this post is a search term that led someone here, presumably a man. Women who’ve been lied about wonder the same thing. The simple answer to the question is there’s nothing in the law that says a judge can’t award a restraining order to a liar. It’s not illegal. We think of judges […]

A Story of Female Sterilization That Should Stress to Those Who’ve Been Violated by Fraudulent Abuse of Legal Process Why Reporting Judicial Tyranny and False Accusers Is by Itself Pointless (You Must Speak out Publicly and Demand Change)

October 27, 2014


The point of sharing the explication below is to emphasize how forlorn prospective recourses for redressing rights violations stemming from false restraining order and similar prosecutions are. Accountability is zero, across the board. If you’ve ever wondered why a judge may be censured for rude conduct but not for ignoring lies or misrepresenting evidence, here’s why. Quoted from “The […]

“Predator” v. “Porn Star”: Restraining Order Fraud, False Allegations, and Suing for Defamation

October 26, 2014


People falsely alleged to be abusers on restraining order petitions, particularly men, are treated like brutes, sex offenders, and scum by officers of the court and its staff, besides by authorities and any number of others. Some report their own relatives remain suspicious—often based merely on finger-pointing that’s validated by some judge in a few-minute procedure (and that’s when […]

Beating up Disabled Girls: False Allegations and Judicial Dishonor

October 20, 2014


“There is no normal. The rational has been torn away from your ability to grasp it.” —Cartoonist Scott Stantis (on growing up in an abusive household) This is the sentiment shared by everyone who’s been wrongly blamed—and abused and condemned for it. Consider that current restraining order and domestic violence legislation and policy are defended as protecting […]

Larry’s Story, Part 2: Suing a False Accuser and the Judge She Rode in On

October 18, 2014


Buncombe County, North Carolina, where Larry Smith has for three years been harried by relentless false allegations from a disturbed neighbor, is the source of the word bunkum. Bunkum (or bunk) is more familiarly called BS, which is what Larry’s been daily forced to tolerate for three years. He’s 70, and the time he’s had […]


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