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“The PPO Destroyed My Career”: Grant’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

August 25, 2014


Grant Dossetto has a degree in finance he can’t use. That’s because a personal protection order (PPO) was petitioned against him in 2010 by a friend, and the law mandates that all restraining order recipients be registered in the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database—indefinitely. The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 requires those […]

Connecticut Lawmakers Conclude Getting a Restraining Order Isn’t Easy Enough Already

August 25, 2014


Those victimized by liars who abuse restraining order and domestic violence laws often blame their judges. It’s natural. They’re the ones who deprive the wrongly accused of dignity, liberty, property, and family—and theirs are the words that echo in the memory and grate on the nerves during the empty hours. Lawmakers it must be remembered, […]

Schizo: How Judges Think about Restraining Orders

August 23, 2014


It’s often reported by recipients of restraining orders that the cops and constables who serve them recognize they’re stigmatizing. Restraining order respondents receive court orders “around the corner” or in parking lots or other spots remote from prying eyes. At the same time, restraining orders are dispensed by our courts as freely as supermarket circulars. […]

When Girls’ Being Girls Isn’t Cute: False Allegations of Violence and Rape

August 17, 2014


I was just contemplating what I’ve come to think of as “estrogen rage”—a peculiarly feminine mode of violence that orbits around false allegations to authority figures. Furious men do violence, which is why domestic violence and restraining order laws exist. Furious women delegate violence (by lying), which is why the abuse of domestic violence and restraining […]

Larry’s Story: Restraining Order Abuse and the Neighbor from Hell

July 28, 2014


“She habitually engages in psychological projection. She has caused me to be compelled under threat of arrest and prosecution for failure to appear to attend court on her frivolous lawsuits 25 times. Yes! Twenty-five times. The frivolous prosecutions started in 2011, and they are still raging. I have been cited back to court on her […]

A Recourse to Redress Restraining Order Abuse That Might Be Worth Considering if All Others Have Been Exhausted: The Formal Complaint

July 8, 2014


I’ve posted before about how to file a complaint against a judge and noted that unless you can persuasively demonstrate that s/he was derelict in his or her ethical duties, or otherwise acted out of line, it’s unlikely the complaint will work an effect. Something I recently discovered about my own state’s procedure, however, is […]

Confusing Women’s Rights with Feminism: Some Observations on MSNBC’s Coverage of the First Annual International Conference on Men’s Issues

July 3, 2014


Apparently the first annual International Conference on Men’s Issues was held in Michigan recently. I read this fact on the MSNBC website in an article that disdained even to capitalize the title of the conference and which, for more reasons than just that one, reminded me of the days when I edited my high school […]


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