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Yes, Virgil, There Is a Santa Claus: In a Month, Not Only Has Feminism Received Stern Scrutiny from Distinguished Members of the Press…So Has the Press

December 13, 2014


Feminism may not know it yet, but 2014 will mark the year when patrons whose sympathies it has enjoyed for decades stopped taking a knee. There were intimations of a climate change last summer. An intrepid band of men’s rights activists staged an International Conference on Men’s Issues in June. Turnout was slim, MSNBC mocked its […]

The Politics of Feminism and Women’s Law: A Response to Zerlina Maxwell’s Editorial “No Matter What Jackie Said, We Should Generally Believe Rape Claims”

December 9, 2014


The only complimentary thing this writer can find to say about attorney Zerlina Maxwell’s December 6 column in The Washington Post is—yeah, scratch that; it has no redeeming qualities. The editorial is not only intellectually callow but morally vacuous. Even its research and computations are careless. Ms. Maxwell’s piece concerns a story published last month in […]

Why It’s Valuable to Report Your Story of Restraining Order Abuse or Other Procedural Abuse on an E-Petition or Similar Medium

December 7, 2014


Government statistics used to train police officers and judges are derived significantly from surveys, as discussed in the previous post. These surveys are represented as “science” but are in fact simply acts of collecting responses, responses that may be completely anecdotal (that is, unverified and most likely unverifiable). Interviewers ask questions, and volunteers answer. Some […]

Blinded by Science: Examining the Australian Government’s Sexual Assault Statistics to Expose How Such Science Is Derived, How It’s Applied, and Why It’s Not Really as Scientific as It’s Represented to Be

December 6, 2014


Here is the Australian government’s Institute of Family Studies’ sexual assault “Facts & Figures” page. And here is the first thing it says: “Statistics carry significant power and persuasion.” That’s putting it mildly. That power and that persuasion influence lives on a magnitude that no numbers could quantify. Appreciate that figures concerning sexual assault and […]

Retracting False Allegations to the Court

December 3, 2014


Apologies are offered upfront to the reader expecting a tutorial on how to recant false testimony (though here is an explication about how a restraining order may be dismissed by a petitioner who has reconsidered). The reason this post must disappoint is that to withdraw false allegations would be to confess to lying to the court and would, as […]

Introducing the Kayden Jayce Foundation, a Source of Assistance to Victims of Family Abuse, Including False Allegations to CPS and the Court

December 1, 2014


The Georgia-based Kayden Jayce Foundation, which offers legal assistance and attorney referrals to parents in need, launched its website Saturday. The Kayden Jayce Foundation is dedicated not only to families dealing with abusive relationships, but also to those who have to deal with the often heart-wrenching issues of a parent who perjures him/herself in an attempt […]

Restraining Orders as “Revenge Porn”

November 29, 2014


In the second season of HBO’s The Newsroom, a lead character is exposed on a website called Revenge Porn by a man with whom she’d had a brief fling. After sitting huddled in a corner and pronouncing, “I want to die,” she rallies and confronts her former lover while he’s conducting a business meeting. Without […]


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