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“She Said That I Had Been Burning Him Intentionally and That I Had Kidnapped Him”: Aaron’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

February 27, 2015


“The account below was recently submitted as a comment to, a site I’ve mentioned in several recent posts. Its administrator, Larry Smith, a former attorney, has been waging a one-man war on corruption excited by his relentless persecution through and by the legal system since 2011. Aaron’s story is one of a spiteful ex-partner […]

Collusion: The Role of the District Attorney’s Office in Restraining Order and Related Abuses

February 20, 2015


A recent post referenced the career of a serial vexatious litigant, and it examined (one of?) her most recent prosecutions against a North Carolina man, Larry Smith, creator of The word law is sandwiched into the word blog in the domain name of Larry’s site, because Larry is a former lawyer with a keenly whetted […]

What Massachusetts Law Firm Dane Shulman Associates Says about Restraining Order Abuse and Divorce

February 18, 2015


Below is Massachusetts law firm Dane Shulman Associates writing about the game of false accusation. Lawyers know this happens. They know it very well. Various feminist advocates doggedly assert that restraining order abuse, particularly to gain leverage in family court, is insignificant—or worse, that claims of it are merely men’s rights propaganda—and such assertions are […]

“Cyberstalking” Debunked: A Belated Victory for a Sorely Persecuted Man (Link to Trial Transcript Included)

February 15, 2015


I just visited the blog of Larry Smith, the long-suffering target of a vexatious litigant. His persecutor, god help him, is also his neighbor. She’s petitioned two restraining orders against him, reported him to the police more times than you could count on two hands, and had him summoned to court as often as “two or […]

If You’re Silent, You’re Guilty: Take a Page from the Feminist Playbook and Register Your Complaint

February 14, 2015


It was impressed upon me by a new mentor—who possesses a much more practical mind than mine—that I don’t want to still be writing about this stuff when I’m old and gray (and that, besides, if I keep trying to “make a difference” by myself, “old and gray” will be just around the corner). In […]

Inciting Violence: If Lawmakers Require a Compelling Motive for Restraining Order Reform, How about This One?

February 12, 2015


I examined a case, recently, of a man’s committing murder hours after being accused to the police. My familiarity with the case was, admittedly, shallow; I only had what was reported to go on (and that from a single, “raw” source). I have, however, heard from scores of people who’ve been accused—or scorned for telling […]

“On the Receiving End of a Sociopath’s Lies”: A Professional Mom’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

February 10, 2015


The following account is reproduced almost verbatim from an email of recent vintage. Its writer is a professional woman and single mother of three with whom I corresponded last year while she was embroiled in strife—legal, medical, and emotional (a synergy of torments that’s been reported here before). The capsule version of her story is that she was […]


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